How to Easily Add Pagination to Your WordPress Within a Minute

Add Paginnation to WordPress easily


Wants to replace the default Older and Newer post links? with numbers pagination, then you easily can. A few weeks back we have shown how to Add Pagination to WordPress Comments. In this tutorial we gonna do similar things. So in article you will learn how to add Pagination to your WordPress website. pagination is user friendly and SEO friendly. The many WordPress website has pagination including popular websites. You should also add Pagination to your WordPress site.

There are two methods to add Pagination to your WordPress site. One is creating Pagination manually by coding. And next add Pagination by the plugin. Which is very easiest way to add Pagination to your Blog. And will not going to do the coding part. So you can easily add Pagination with plugin without any coding experience. 

Plugin We Use to Add Pagination 

Well, There many other Pagination WordPress plugins. that you can use to add Pagination to your WordPress website. We will use WP-PageNavi. which most popular WordPress plugin to Add Pagination to your WordPress. More than ONE Million WordPress using this plugin. It's fast and easy to add. You can also add your own CSS to your Paginations.

Adding the Pagination to WordPress

to add Pagination into your WordPress website. The First thing that you need to do is download "WP-PageNavi" plugin. from your WordPress plugin tab or manually from Once you have done, then Install and activate the plugin. if you don't know How to install. then read the article which help to you install a plugin: How to Install WordPress plugins.

After you are done, You able to see the Pagination in your WordPress, Blog, You can also customize it. Go to your WordPress settings tab and click on PageNavi tab to configure your Pagination. And on the PageNavi settings page you can set the text for pagination and also can limit the numbers. 


Add Pagination into WP
Pagination WP Plugin


If you want to add custom CSS into PageNavi, Then go to your plugins tab and click on edit. And select PageNavi plugin to edit and select "PageNavi.css" file to edit. and then add your custom CSS style and update the file. 



That's it. We hope this tutorial helps you to add Pagination into your WordPress site. If you liked this Tutorial then make sure to like and follow us Twitter, Facebook.


Bonus Tips

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