5 incredible tips to write readable blog posts

SEO tips to write readable posts

Wants to reduce bounce rate. then you are reading the right article. writing is a skill and you have keep improve it by learning new things tricks. you can encourage to read your full blog article. By applying our 5 best tips to write a readable post. if you are using difficult words in your blog post, then you might be losing the audience.

You need to focus on your website audience. if you are writing a blog post for teenagers or for kids then you should write easy to read words. if you are writing the blog article for your Science fiction fans, Then your words could be difficult. but also try to write easy to read words. So in this SEO tutorial you will learn how to create SEO readable blog posts.

If you want to encourage your visitors to read your complete article. then you need to learn how to write readable articles. after you read this post. you may able to write the readable post for your readers. and your users will like and share your content once they like your post.

1 - Behind every successful post, there is a Structure

SEO tricks for readable post

Always start with structuring the post. Think how you gonna explain about your post. Make sections of your post and combine with each other, Describe about your article in easy words. make it look better. also start with an introduction about your topic. Always use headings and subheadings in the post. It will help your audience to understand about your topic. you can also use some keywords in your subheading.

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  • 2 - Improve paragraphs

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    Try to start your paragraph with your important sentence. And try to stop at 7-8 sentences which is already long then start a new paragraph. always connect related articles in your paragraphs. This is the best to engage your audience and reduce the bounce rate. Make sure to don't let your readers get bored with your writing. Write with love and some fun it will helps you win the lost visitors.

    3 - Use less difficult words

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    if you are using words that are difficult to read. then your reader might not like your article, you have to limit the difficult words. So your visitors can understand your text. and I'm sure once your reader understands your post then they will share it with their social accounts. And you will drive more traffic, more social networking websites. if you are creating a blog post on the topic which is difficult to explain without vocabulary. then you can some words.

    4 - Keep your sentences short

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    You should use more than 20 words max in a sentence. And also you need to limit your long sentences. The paragraph must not contain more than one long sentence. short sentence helps reader to read easily. You may notice that many popular blogs, use short sentences in their blog post. because it helps to read easily.

    5 - Don't repeat words

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    Are you using words too often? there many people who repeat word over and over again which the most of users don't like to read. and you should avoid use one word too many times. You should synonyms for words what you want do use again in you article. You may seen the popular websites not using one word too many times in the blog post. they use synonyms of the word to use it in the post.

    If want to know how you can write the SEO-Friendly blog post. then you should read the article which I recently wrote 5 tips to write the SEO optimized blog post. in this SEO article which I just mention you will learn about. how to design the structure of post, should I use paragraph, how to Use magic to post. and also things to keep in mind when publishing the post.

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