How to Encourage People to Stay and Read your Posts

how to make users to stay and read your posts

Everyone wants to make readers stay and read Posts. The most important question that every blogger ask. It's not impossible to do that, You have to care few things to encourage visitors to read and stay on your blog post. So in this awesome SEO tutorial you will learn how to engage with your reader and make them stay and read your posts.

The reader can get quickly bored when they visits to your blog post or blog site. You have to get his or her attention quickly. if they understand your main idea of your article then they'll surely read and shares your article. Which helps you to get readers trust and drive more traffic from shares.

You can write attractive articles for your blog. Like other popular blog websites. After reading this article you will able write posts that attracts users. Fully SEO optimize which helps you to get higher rank in search engines and drive more traffic.

To become like other popular bloggers you must have to follow your heart. Keep in your mind that the experts in anything was once a beginner. So if you want to get something, then you have to work on it each day. if you feel demotivated at blogging then you need to motivate yourself. read the article which I wrote previously. How To Become one of the best bloggers and Motivate yourself.

1 - Readable Post Encourage Readers to Read

make your blogger readers read your posts

If you want to increase your rank in search engines such as google. To gain more readers and make them to stay and read the full article then you need to work on your readability. When you write the article for your blog, You must care the few things to write readability blog posts.


Make the structure for your blog when you write. Think how you gonna explain about your article. separate your post into parts, create sections of your post and combine with each others. And how you gonna finish up this article.

Improve paragraphs

Always write down the important sentences first. Each paragraph should be 7-8 lines which are already longer then starting a new paragraph. write with love and connect related articles in your paragraph.

Use less difficult words

Try to use less words that difficult to read for your user. if you want your users love and share your article then you have to limit the difficult words. if you wanted to use difficult words to explain without vocabulary. then you can some words.

You should read full article about how to write readable SEO blog post.

2 - Focus on Single Topic

make visitors love your posts best tips for bloggers

If you want to write great and informative blog post, you need to focus on one topic. The secret behind every successful blogger is a focus. which is very important to write amazing article for your blog. Select or search the topic which you good at and always learn new things. Once you have the topic, write the structure for it (which you just learn from 1 step).

Then describe about your topic with readable text. Every sentence should has a message for your readers. So write sentences with the compact of your post. which helps your readers to understand the past.

3 - Try to short your Post

encourage your visitors to read full posts

Always try to short your sentences and it will help your readers to understand your article. You should use more than 20 words max in a sentence. Also you need to limit your long sentences. The paragraph must not contain more than one long sentence. People don't like long sentences. Your blog post must have a minimum of 300 words which is good for SEO. Try to stop at 700-800 words, you should also write long articles sometimes which best for SEO.

And try to explain everything in 300-700 words. make sure to keep short your paragraphs. Less is more so If you want to create a long article, you should focus user experience and improve your writing and style to keep your readers interested.

4 - Post title & fist paragraph is the key to make people and read post

people will love your posts with these seo tips

The post title is the first thing that attracts every user. if you have created fully SEO optimized titles, then your reader will visits to your article. to create best blog post titles for blog posts. You can use the title generator and there many post titles generators. which can help you to create the best titles for your post. Check out the Top 5 Title generator for bloggers

Always make your first paragraph attractive and showcase your main concept. write down what you gonna write in the article. so your reader understand what they gonna learn in the article. The first paragraph is the main part of your whole blog post. Make it attractive and clean so your visitors can easily get it.

The first impression is the last impression. So you must make the best impression on your readers when they read your first paragraph. I'm sure if they like your first paragraph, then they'll read and share your article.

5 - Be sincere with your readers

how to make viral your content best tips

In order to provide better content for your visitors. You must research before passing it to others. Do not deliver any fake information or spam. test it by yourself, then present it to your users. Otherwise search engines like Google will put you in the blacklist. Write with love so your readers will love your article. Always make quality content which helps your readers.

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