How to Add Pagination to Comments in WordPress

WordPress pagination to comments

Adding the pagination to your comments in WordPress, it is necessary to paginate your WP Comments, If you want have lots of comments. Sometimes you may see the white screen of death on your WordPress website, this could happen to anyone if they have lots of comments on their WordPress post other then posts that has less comments, Or you may Have noticed that your post with many comments load slower so to fix the issue you need to follow below steps. And there many are some awesome WordPress plugins that make your WP blog load faster even we already have written the article on Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Make Your Blog Load Faster.

Get Started

To paginate your comments on your WordPress, You have to login into your WordPress admin area, then click on Settings >> Discussion there you will see many options, Under the "Other comment settings" section check it the " Break comments into pages" radio button.

Add paginate to your WordPress Comments

Once the you have selected the "Break comments into pages" option, then save the settings from the bottom the page. then you able to see the pagination in your comments.

Pagination to Comments in WordPress

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