Boost up Your Blogger Site Speed By Optimize Images

Did you know you there many bloggers who don't care about their loading time of blog and this is one of the main reasons they are losing traffic, If your blog taking too much time to load then you are among them, Wants to get rid of this issue?, You can just in few minutes and you will optimize your blog images, Once you optimize your images and you will see that your blog load fast better than before,

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  • Before making Images for project

    When your making your project image for your blog post, then there are few things that you must keep in your mind, First choose resolution 648px-480px for project image or higher if want to, when you save the image then choose png or JPEG file extenston, why JPEG? well JPEG is best image file and uses lossy compression to create smaller file sizes, commonly used for digital images and PNG?, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) bitmapped image format that uses lossless bitmap image format which useful for compression.

    Compressing Images

     Boost up Your Blogger Site Speed By Optimize Images

    Well, there are several different ways to compress images one of the easiest way to compress with tinypng, TinyPNG uses lossy compression format to decrease the file size of your image without losing your quality, You can also compress JPEG images with tinypng just go to and click on the upload button and select the image file and in just a few seconds you get your compress version of your image For jpeg compression use compressjpeg

     Boost up Your Blogger Site Speed By Optimize Images
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    1. I use Shortpixel with better results to compress my images.


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