How to Add Twitter Feed Widget Box To Blogger Blog

How to Add Twitter Feed Widget Box To Blogger Blog

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twitter is the most powerful and the most popular social networking website on the internet Also, every actor and famous people used twitter because its reliable source for associate with your fans and that's why every person wants an a twitter account, many people use it as an entertainment site but you can also use it for to step your blogging.We personally use twitter most of the time because we have to engage our self with our fans .

It's we very important to use an a twitter account and implement twitter feed box to your blogger blog. In this lesson I'll show you how to add a twitter feed box to your blogger blog.

Frist of All
In order to do that you have to log into your twitter account.

Step 1
When you logged into your twitter account, then go to settings and then on the left side bar you will see the twitter widgets button click on that.

Step 2
once you clicked on twitter widgets then click create new.
create new widget

Step 3
Chosse a timeline source and then click on create widget button.
choose timeline source

Step 4
Copy widget code and click  save.
Save widgets

Step 5 
Paste twitter feed code in blogger HTML widget and save  Done!.
adding html to blogger

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