Become a Pro On Blogging Great Tips For Bloggers

Become a Pro On Blogging Great Tips For Bloggers

Starting an blog and don't have any skills and any idea of how to start blog like a pro then you are in right place for learn how to start blog and earn money with it, In just a few steps you be pro on blogging career, When I was beginner I had no idea about what was SEO and blogging but I jumped into blogging and starting learning and then I started sharing what I learn to help to blogger who doesn't know about Blogging, And we also learn how to optimize blog to get rank in search engines, I teach everything that helps you to create the perfect blog to earn money with it, Keep eye on these steps
  1. Choose Right Subdomain / Domain
  2. Choose Right Template / Theme
  3. Optimize Your blogger temple
  4. Think before Create an Blog post
  5. Promote your blog
  6. Start Making Money

Choose Right Subdomain / Domain For Blogger

Choose Right Subdomain / Domain For Blogger

Let me give some basic info about blogger, There are many blogging platforms which some of are free and others are not, And the best free blogging platform is blogger and almost every blogger starts from Blogger To start any blog in blogger, Blogger is free is a blog-publishing service and was developed by Pyra Labs, In February 2003 Pyra Labs bought by Google, Blogger blogs are hosted by Google and you are free to use your custom domain in blogger blog, Pickup a domain it only cost $1 on GoDaddy or you can use free blogger subdomain also try to take short domain name, short domain name is very helpful for getting more traffic according to The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two by George Armitage Miller who one of the founders of the cognitive psychology field discovered that an average limit of about seven for short-term memory capacity of humans so people easily remember 7 character and make it related your blog content it will be plus point for you.

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The Right Template For Blogger

The Right Template For Blogger

There are lots of free SEO friendly blogger template and I already mentioned the best top 5 blogger template, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for every website, blogs, And you should take extra care of SEO if you want to get the first rank in Google Search result So get the best and fully SEO optimized blogger template or you can check the best top 5 blogger template and upload it to blogger, SEO friendly template will help you to get higher rank in search engines.

Optimize Blogger Template

Optimize Blogger Template SEO TIPS

There few things that you must apply to optimize, First add custom robots.txt to blogger robots.txt file is very important for allowing and disallowing indexing of you blog site if you don't want to allow bots to index specific page, label or post then you can with robots.txt, I also wrote the article on How To Add Robots.txt file in Blogger read it you get more info.

Custom Robots Header Tags
If you want to Boost your search result in search engines then you must have to add custom robots headers tags, Enabling Meta Description, or disallow to index images, labels, roots, posts, Without enabling Meta Description & Post Search Description you can't get more traffic from search engines.

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  • Optimize Post Titles
    In old blogger templates you must need to optimize your blog post titles let me explain if your post looks like this "my blog title - mynewposttitle" in search engines then you need to replace below codes with yours. Because search engines show only the first 53 words of your post

    go to your  blogger dashboard->blog->Tempalate-> Edit Html and Search For
    ", Tip: use search box by pressing Ctrl+F and replace with below codes

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
    <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>
    now save your tempalate

    Search Engine Submission
    This is very important part for you , Submit you sitemap to google / yahoo bing, You must submit sitemap to search engines if you want to get traffic from search engines like google yahoo bing etc, Sitemap is a file where blogger generates list of all web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about your blog content, And search engine web crawlers like Googlebot check this file to more intelligently crawl your blog.

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  • Improve Your Blog Load Time
    Make sure you optimize your images before you use in your blogger blog there are many image compression websites one of the best and free is where you can upload your image and then you will get Compress version of your image, Don't use too many 3rd party fonts.

    Think Before you Write a blog post

    Think Before you Write a blog post

    When you new write blog post then you must keep few things in mind to write best and mean full article and readers will get the concept of your post and they will definitely share your blog post to social media, So before you write down your post make sure you make the structure of your post in your mind or other places whatever like, First choose best topic and write clean and well content try to clear the concept of post to the readers of your site, make sure you use
    grammar tool to check your grammar errors.

    Promote Your Post After you published

    Promote Your Post After you published

    This is great way to drive traffic to your blog, share your post on social media websites and groups and also create around 2 minute video on your post and upload to video sharing websites like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc, Because nowadays people using video sharing sites as search engine, after you apply this method you will see get more traffic ever before, Have a look below at little list to where to share:

    1. Facebook / Groups , Google+/ Groups, Reddit / Subreddits, Twitter
    2. Make 1-2 minute Video and Upload to Youtube, Dailymotion, vimeo, etc
    3. Share On Pinterest, Flipboard
    4. Answers questions that releted your post on Forums

    Start Earn Money

    Starting Make Money

    First drive traffic and once you have reaches more than 500 - 3000 users per day , it will take some time so don't lose your patience, if you give your time to blog for 6 mouths and you post daily at least one article par day then you will be a winner, and then you make place ads on your blog to earn money and there are lots of ads-networking company where you can apply, And some of best is absences, infolink, buysellads, And also there are lots of methods to make money online and I also wrote the article on how to make money, Keep one thing in your mind and that is you can do anything whatever you want do in you life, The only limits that exist are the ones in your mind.

    "if you're going to try go all the way, Otherwise don't even start - Charles Bukowski"


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