How To Add Call Now Button In WordPress For Mobile Visitors

add call now button in WordPress

If want to add Call Now Button on your WordPress site for your mobile users, then you in are the right place. In the few back we have shown you how you can add Skype share button on your WordPress site. and in this tutorial you will learn how to add Call Now Button in your WordPress which is very useful. If you are running organization web or stone and clinic websites then you probably want to allow your user to content you that phone number. Then you should need to add Call Now Button in your WordPress.

The Plugin We Will Use

Well, We will use Call Now Button WordPress plugins which is one of the best and popular plugin to allow your users to call you direct from your website by adding your number. This plugin simply adds Call Now Button on your site for your mobile visitors. So your mobile users can easily call you by pressing the button. More than 40,000 WordPress website and blogs using this plugin.

Adding the Search System

To add Call Now Button in your WordPress you need to download and activate Call Now Button plugin from your WordPress plugins tab. If you don't know how to install, then read our step by step guide how to upload and install WordPress plugins. So after you have installed and activated the plugin. Go to your settings tab and click on new option named Call Now Button on that plugin settings page you can need to enable the button and you can also set your number and also can change the button color. And if you want to change button position, then you can do that.

add call now button in WordPress

Once you are done, then you will able see the Call Now Button on your site that your mobile.

Call now button for WordPress

So this how you can add Call Now Button on your WordPress site. if you like this tutorial and learn from it, then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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