How To Improve WordPress's Default Search Functionality

add better search system to WordPress

A while back we have shown you how you can add Google Custom Search Functionality on your WordPress site. In this tutorial we will show you how you can improve your WordPress Default search functionality.

Which is very helpful to engage with your visitors by giving them a better search engine for your website so they can easily search whatever they want to. WordPress is very powerful CMS and its plugins makes it smarter and easy to use. So we will increase the WordPress's default search functionality.

The Plugin We Will Use

There are lots of WordPress plugins which can make your WordPress default search system more better. And one of the best and popular plugin which we will use this tutorial and that is Search Everything. This plugin is very powerful and best for your WordPress site if want to improve your default search functionality then Search Everything is best for you. This plugin comes with the features such as Search Highlighting, Search Every Page and Search Tags that can make your search system more smart.

Adding the Search System

The first that you need to do is download and install the Search Everything plugin. If your new at installing plugins then read our step by step guide how to install WordPress plugins. So once you have activated the plugin, then you need to configure the plugin settings so go to your WordPress settings tab. On the settings page you can set the search terms like if you want to allow your users to search your tags or authors then you can do that from that page.

improve your search system in WordPress

That's it. We hope this tutorial may help you to add better search functionality to your WordPress site. And if you learned from this tutorial support us by clicking and following our social profiles Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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