10 SEO tips for blogger blogs that will lead you to success

tips for become SEO master for blogger

Every blogger wants to become pro at blogging. the most common and one of the most important question that every blogger wants to get answers. And that is how to get high rank in search engines. and also how to drive more traffic. Well, there is few things that you must care about it. If you do then within months you will become of one the popular blogger. and your blog will win every user and you will make your living with it.

The things that the most of the blogger is not doing, And that make your blog and post SEO Optimized. if you are among those. then you must learn it right now. and in this article you will learn how to optimize your blog and how improve your blog posts.

If you notice that the most popular blogger blogs, Who have improved the writing skills. they also linked articles to articles which helps to engage with readers. if your reader understands your post concept. then I'm sure they will share your content to social accounts. it will help to get backlink and the new audience.

We will also show you will how to optimize blog backend , front-end. and which blogging tool that you should use to write best posts. and some of them are my favorite. you will also learn about building post structure, improve writing, engaging readers.

1 - Optimize your blogpsot backend

SEO for blogger whitehat SEO

When you start blogging and created an blogSpot blog. then you need to care few things to optimize which will help you to get higher rank in search engines such as Google, Bing.

Enable Robots.txt

The most of blogger forgets to enable the robots.txt. which is best to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots. The robots.txt file is most important for allowing and disallowing indexing of your blog site. if you don't want to allow bots to index specific page, label or post then you can with robots.txt. I wrote about the article on enabling the robot.txt file, you should check it now.

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  • Add Custom Robots Header Tags and Meta Description

    Custom Robots Header Tags help to restrict your content to crawl by robots. you must have to add custom robots headers tags to enable Meta description. or also can disallow to index images, labels, roots, posts. Read the article which I wrote on Meta Description and Custom robots header tags

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  • Optimize Post Titles

    If you are using the default blogger or custom templates. then you must need to optimize your blog post titles. many custom blogger templates already optimized the blog title. some has not. and you need to do it by yourself.

    if your post look like this "myblogtitle - my-new-post-title" in search engines, then you need to replace below codes with yours. Because search engines show only the first 53 words of your post.

    go to your blogger dashboard->blog->Tempalate-> Edit Html and Search For

    ", Tip: use search box by pressing Ctrl+F and replace with below codes

    replace with below code

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
    <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

    Then save your template.

    Search Engine Submission

    Make sure you have submitted your sitemap to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yendex. it helps to gain traffic from different search engines. To add current sitemap to search engines. you need to check out our article on search engine submission.

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  • 2 - Optimize your front-end

    whitehat SEO for blogspot

    to gain higher search rankings and the traffic, to improve your user experience. Let's start with the template designs. always choose best and perfect blogger template that suits you. There many free blogger, SEO friendly blogger templates. which helps you to optimize your template. and I also created a little list for you. You may like these top 5 free blogger templates. You find your type of templates from google.

    Recommended Blogger Gadgets

    There many blogger gadgets (widgets) which you can use to improve your design and user experience. we pickup 5 best blogger gadgets that you must have it on your blogger blog.


    With Google+ budget. you can allow your visitors that follow you on Google+ with just one click.

    Follow by Email

    Allow your visitors to subscribe your content to get email alert when you publish a post. you can use free FeedBurner to deliver email to your readers when you publish a post.

    Popular Posts

    The blogger popular posts gadget helps you to Display a list of the most popular posts from your blog. this will increase the number of your page views.

    Social Profile links

    Always allow your visitors to follow you on your social media websites. and we created the blogger widget to display your profile links to allow your readers to follow you.

    Add Share Button

    Allow your visitors to share your content to their social account. We created many sharing gadget tutorials for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, Pinterest, Stumbleupon.

    3 - Use best blogging tools

    killer SEO for blogger

    The tools that make your blogging life easier. there many tools that can help you to write better posts. The tools which I mention below that helps me a lot. And it will help you too. You should have these tools. for work faster and write better content without making mistakes.

    Paint.net for image and photo editing

    The paint.net is one of best and free software for photo editing. I also use this software to create images for my blog posts. There are many other photo editing tools. but this one is small and fast for photo editing and its comes with many good features.

    Headline Analyzer for your post title

    This online headline analyzer tool can help you to create better and SEO friendly title. In your blog post, the title you are going to choose for your post is the most important thing. The title should be related to your content because the title can say a thousand words.

    Grammar Checker For Writing mistakes

    Everyone makes writing mistake such as typos, grammar, Singular/Plural nouns, Subject verb agreement, Misused words. If you are making grammar mistakes in your blog post, then you might be losing your traffic. Because readers don't like grammar mistakes like no comma in a compound sentence, comma splice, misspelled. That's why you need to be careful about your grammar mistakes and just start using grammar checker.

    We also have created the article for the top 4 grammar checker tools that you can use it to corrects all types of mistakes.


    With Hemingway you can write a readable text for your post. It's like a spell checker, but for style. It checks that your reader will focus on your message. and also check Too often words. and highlight where you need to remove needless words or splitting the sentence.

    4 - Make Your Blog Load Fast

    Learn seo for blogger

    If your blog taking too time to load, then you should worry about it. because people don't like websites which taking a long time to load the content. Follow our below steps to decrease loading time.

    Optimize Your Images

    You need to compress your images before you use in your blogger blog. there are many image compression websites and one of the best and free is tinypng.com. where you can upload your images and then you will get a Compress version of your image.

    Don't use too many 3rd party scripts and fonts

    You need to avoid using too many scripts and fonts. if your blog has too many fonts and scripts, then your blog might be taking many times to load.

    5 - One Post per day

    win traffic with SEO

    Adding content regularly best for SEO. Search Engines like Google crawls your post fast. Which helps you get indexed quickly. You have to post at least one post per day. if you don't update your blogger blog then Google will crawl it less often. later google will put you on the dead blogs list. So always try to post regularly if you can't then post once in a week.

    6 - I don't know on which topic should i write a post

    SEO killer tips for new blogger

    If you don't have the idea on which topic you should post. Then you should read other people blogs and get an idea. you can also use the buzzsumo website to find what's popular on another websites. it will give the idea, on which topic you should post on. and always learn new things and improve your writing skill.

    7 - Build your post structure

    structure for better SEO

    Always write down your post structure. How you gonna explain your readers about your topic. use heading to tell you tell visitor what they will learn on this topic. it will also help search engines crawlers to crawl easily and understand what's going on your article.

    8 - Improve your writing


    Writing is a skill and you have to keep improving it. By learning new things. in your blog post you need to care about your readability. write easy to understand words. Make sure to use paragraphs.

    Using the headings and subheading in post is important for your readers and also for SEO. Subheadings can help people to scan your page with a few words. you can also use some keywords in your subheading. and it will help you drive more traffic from search engines. I wrote the article about how you can write readable blog posts.

    9 - Engage your readers and reduce bounce rate

    reduce bounce rate

    If you want to decrease the bounce rate. then you should engage your visitor with your content. Show related articles on your post footer. and also link to your previous article in your post content which related to your current post. always create an informative article that people loved to read and they will share it.

    10 - Drive Traffic and build backlinks

    SEO drive audience to your site

    There a few things to do when you published a new post. So first, You need to share your post to social networking websites. such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit. and also create a board on Pinterest also on Flipbord and post your links into that account. Find questions that related to your post. then answer it with your post link. so you will get backlinks. You can also create video on it. and upload it to video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and many others. Nowadays the most of the people using video sharing websites as search engines.

    In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. - Nikos Kazantzakis

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