How To Add Call Now Button In WordPress For Mobile Visitors


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  1. Thank to you Aizaz, This what I was looking for, I've a blog related to Dental Websites designing and development, and I was looking for how to add call button in it, after reading this post I come to know that its too easy to add a call button in a WordPress blog. Also please guide is it possible to add Google AdSense account in a WordPress blog? If yes, then how can we add AdSense account in WordPress. I have many blog on WordPress and I want to earn money from them, but I've no idea how to apply for Google AdSense account, Kindly guide me.

    Lily Taylor

    1. Hey, Lily you can apply for Google AdSense account
      if you have self hosted WordPress blog then download and install official Google AdSense WordPress plugin make sure you have self hosted WordPress because does not allow Google AdSense plugin on its hosted sites. So once you have activated the plugin then you can apply for your Adsense account through the Adsense plugin settings page.

  2. Hi, Lily Taylor, Hope you are doing well. I want to tell you that you can't apply for Google AdSense account for a WordPress blog. If you have a blog on Blogspot, you can apply on it but not for WordPress.