Creating Twitter Like Follow System Using PHP And JQuery


I am Aizaz.Dinho and I loved to learn new things and teach to people like you, In my mind I'm the one who can do anything whatever I want, From my heart am still learner and loved to do impossible things, Web Development is my passion and I have PHP, MYSQL OOP PDO, Blogger WordPress also SEO experiences, You can say I'm the code ninja of meralesson


  1. Hello please make how to make user profile system like fb Twitter in php pdo

  2. Hi, i am making app in ionic2 and using codeigniter in backend so can you provide me this thing functionality in codeigniter instead of plain php. Thanks.

  3. such a helpfull jquery thanks Aizaz for too much efforts for making and then sharing

  4. thank you aizaz. may God bless you and i wish for your success

  5. Thank you Aizaz. This is very helpful for the site I am currently creating. I have a question I think you will able to help me with. How would I go about listing the followers that I have on my profile page by username?

    1. Hello Cordell, Well, if you really want to learn how to do that then I would recommend you to take my course I have created entire twitter clone using PHP with PDO. or you need to create a method to display follower list, which grabs users from the users table and then left join follow table using WHEN THEN CASE. Well, they're still a long way to go. I still recommend you to take my, take course here is link: