How to Build Complete Blogger Blog CMS In PHP,JavaScript,MySQL

Absolutely Complete PHP Master Course  

I’ve created this Google Multi Blogging platform: High-end PHP, JavaScript, PDO, MySQL Course. This course includes a PHP Project Building a Content Management System Like Blogger which is one of the most famous blogging platforms on the Internet.

Probably wondering why we didn't build a WordPress CMS, Because the first website/Blog we ever created was hosted on a Google service Blogger this is one the reason why we chose Blogger to make a course about CMS.

Apart from WordPress, Blogger is quite challenging to make. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, you just have to know the basics of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How to Build Complete Blogger Blog CMS In PHP,JavaScript,MySQL

What Will You Learn!

In this course you will learn PHP,JavaScript, MYSQL, PDO ,By creating step by step CMS featuring most of the aspects of Multi Blogging platform from scratch to complete in pure PHP and vanilla JS.

There are lots of features but here are some of them.

  1. Subdomain for Each Blogs
  2. Template Engine
  3. Template Editor and Edit live Template
  4. Gadgets/Widgets Drag and Drop for Layout Page
  5. Front Blog Template
  6. And much more (“You can read entire list below”)


I'm Just Like You!

I’m a web developer just like you and constantly learning and improving my PHP skill and knowledge has given me the ability to make money online by just staying at home.

Learning Is a key aspect of anything , A web programming language like PHP can allow anyone to earn literally valuable income online.



Just Take My Course and MASTER IT! and learn everything that I've taught. Once you learn you will be able to build web applications, Content Management systems like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or even you can make your own social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc..

PHP is one of the MOST FAMOUS and The Most Popular Web programming languages to learn, Because the majority of websites and applications are based on PHP.

You can easily find a job or work at home on websites like UpWork as a freelance web developer.

Having a Blogger CMS Project with a multi blogging platform building knowledge and learning that kind of skill set you will gain skills which help you to learn and understand the main concept used in these huge Web Applications.

You can highlight the site you create in this course in your job resume or in your portfolio website. If anyone who sees this project in your portfolio might want to hire you because of this project.




My Students Reviews

Some of my students reviews for this course.

Highly Rec*********

I highly recommend this course, Aizaz teaching php mysql and js on really interesting project which called blogger, if i making some mistakes or do not understand some things, Aizaz help me always correct my mistakes and explain things that i want to understand.


Fantastic PHP course************

fantastic course with very unique php mysql project build, i am very happy to find this, learn so much in each video! The instructor is very responsive and kind, help me the same day! Good work 5 stars professional course!!


Incredible course*************

Wow, instructor in exuberant state, enjoyed the way he presents the course that teaches to build real life projects that helps to upgrade skills for students like us. Keep it up ? , I hope to see API development course in future, with a real life project, not only project but also with full of explanation (theory part, with the way to architect API). Thank you so much for making such incredible the course.


Up to Date Course for PHP ***************

I'm so excited to take this course! The instructor seems really engaging the content seems up to date for PHP, and he speaks with a clear voice that I can understand. I'm sure I will love this course as I go through it! I've been looking all over for a good well-rounded course on PHP, but they're either to short or so disorganized that it's hard to follow and stay motivated. Wish me luck and I wish anyone else luck that decides on this course! :)



By taking this course you will get my full support. I’m always loved to help my students (could be you). I’ve answered all that question that students asked so far. I’m always in ninja mood, if there’s been question it’ll be answered within an hour or few. By all this mean is if you have any error. I'll be happy to check codes, errors.


This PHP Course Covers the following

• How to Build Admin panel / Dashboard In PHP

• How to Build Multi Blog System In PHP

• How to Add Subdomain for Each Blogs In PHP

• Learn to Create Pageviews Stats Analytics System In PHP

• How to Create Template Engine In PHP

• How to Add Template Editor and Edit live Template In PHP

• Create Live Drag and Drop System for Gadgets/Widgets In PHP

• Create a System in PHP for Changeable Positions for Gadgets/Widgets In PHP

• How to build Post / Page System In PHP

• How to Build Admin / Author roles

• How to Create Login / Signup System | Form Submissions in PHP

• Blog Comments System in PHP

• Learn to Create Pending Comments System in PHP

• Learn to Create Publish Comments System in PHP

• Learn to Create Draft Posts System in PHP

• Learn to Create Publish Posts System in PHP

• Learn to Create Draft Pages System in PHP

•Learn to Create Publish Pages System in PHP

• Build New Post Editor in PHP

• Build New Page Editor in PHP

• Get your own Front Blog Template in PHP

• Create Blog Settings Page in PHP

• Create User Profiles Page in PHP

And Much More…..

The ASTONISHING & AMAZING BLOGGER CMS project we build, you will Gain all the SKILLS to earn the job you want or project you crave to build. This is a absolute real project that we take online and I’ll be here to answer any question you have.

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