How to Create Social Network Clone Like Twitter using PHP & MySQL

Wanted to build your own Social Networking Website? And don’t know where to start from? Don’t worry, this Course will show you step by step how to create your own Twitter Clone using PHP, MySQL, JQuery.As you may already know, Twitter is one of the most popular and best Social Networking Websites. So why not learn to make your own Twitter Social Networking website?

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, just you have to know the basics of PHP, MySQL, HTML ,CSS and JQuery.
This course will be greatly and highly beneficial to you. And by the end of this course you will be capable of creating your own Social Networking website, not only this you will also be more than competent with skills PHP, PDO, OOP, MySQL and jQuery.

You can highlight the site you create in this course, If anyone who sees this project in your portfolio might want to hire you because from this course you will gain skills which help you to understand the main concept used to build social networks. So get the ULTIMATE guide to create the High-end social networking website Twitter clone.


This Course Covers The Following Features:

  • Login & Sign-up Systems
  • Users Profiles
  • Users Timeline
  • Users Tweets
  • Users Retweets
  • Users Comments
  • News Feeds
  • Hashtags & Mention Users
  • Top Trending Posts
  • Posts & Images Popups
  • Messages and Chat System
  • Follow and Unfollow System
  • Notification System
  • And Much More.

What are the requirements?
  • A computer or laptop
  • A text editor
  • A very basic knowledge of PHP language
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Build your own social networking website like Twitter or Facebook with most amazing features such as newsfeeds, profiles, Follow system, chat system, trending post and much more!
  • Know how to easily use PDO with MySQL databases
  • Learn how to develop using an PHP OOP (Object Oriented) approach
  • Understand how to use jquery to retrieve data to display popups, messages, notifications, posts
  • Write clean codes
  • Learn to rewrite clean URLs like Twitter
What is the target audience?
  • For PHP beginners who want create social network website like Twitter using PHP, PDO OOP
  • For anyone who wants to learn use of PHP OOP in real world
  • For anyone who wants to learn use of PDO with MySQL
  • For Anyone who want to develop their own high end professional website


By taking this course will get my full support. I’m always loved to help my students (could be you). I’ve answered all that question that students asked so far. I’m always in ninja mood, if there’s been question it’ll be answered within an hour r few.

We love helping!

If you stuck in any of my lectures, then don’t worry we are always here to help. Or if you need assistance from a lecture? Tells us the problem.

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Some of my students review:

Some Firstly the course was well presented the templates made were easier for say newbies to development the instructor Aizaz not only is he very adapt but very patient and always there to help give out advice and more importantly listens.


One of the most in-depth and instructive teachers i have had the pleasure of doing a course with. Helped when ever asked a question without fail and went way beyond normal assistance with me. Aizaz overall was superb in teaching this course and taught me wonderful new tricks. 10/10 Class Quality!

Excellent course and teacher! Recommend to anyone who wants to learn PHP and also create a real project. The teacher is willing to answer questions if something was not completely understood in the video explanations. I highly recommend :)

Mentor will explain each and everything neatly that anyone can understand easily.At first starting this course I didn't know much about php and html but I am learning many extra things which will help in future from mentor.Thank you

***************************End of Reviews ***********************

You can highlight the site you create in this course, If anyone who sees this project in your portfolio might want to hire you because this the ULTIMATE guide to create the High-end social networking website Twitter.
Even you can create own Facebook if you learn from this course.
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