About us

Meralesson was founded with a singular mission: to streamline the world's information, making it more straightforward, valuable, and accessible—from the comfort of one's home to the individual at their desk, regardless of their identity. Our goal is to assist you. Meralesson serves as a free resource for novice bloggers, programmers, and developers, and our growth is rapid. We firmly believe in the accessibility of knowledge; it should always be freely available.      

Who We Are ?

At the helm of Team Aizaz.dinho and Meezan ud din, we are two industrious individuals on a mission to offer free resources for beginners. Fueled by our genuine passion, we bring a blend of expertise in blogging, design, development, SEO, programming, WordPress, and more. Our commitment lies in enhancing the learning journey for aspiring enthusiasts within our community, embodying a professional ethos that reflects our dedication and proficiency.  

Greetings! I'm Aizaz, affectionately known as Aizaz dinho by my friends. Despite being an ordinary guy on the surface, I harbor a mindset that believes in conquering the extraordinary. A perpetual learner at heart, I find joy in tackling the seemingly impossible. My journey involves mastering new skills and then sharing that knowledge with individuals like you.Web development is not just a profession but a passion for me. With expertise in PHP, MYSQL OOP PDO, Blogger, WordPress, and SEO, I proudly don the title of the code ninja at meralesson. Beyond the realms of coding and blogging, I'm an avid gamer, indulging in the world of games when not immersed in learning or crafting conten

I am Meezan Ud Din, a seasoned web developer with a rich background spanning over nine years, commencing in 2014. My focus lies in the realms of web development and design. Over the course of my journey, I have honed my skills in HTML5, CSS3, blogging, content marketing, and digital marketing. In addition, I serve as an instructor at udemy.com.My proficiency in these areas enables me to craft visually captivating websites, captivate audiences with compelling content, and enhance online visibility. My ultimate objective is to disseminate my knowledge and empower others to thrive in these dynamic fields.


Our Focus

From the outset, our commitment has been directed towards delivering optimal and valuable guides to our users. We've meticulously crafted essential PHP scripts and various articles tailored for bloggers, striving to guarantee a seamless and comprehensible learning experience for you. Our relentless efforts are geared towards providing exceptional scripts, tutorials, and articles, all designed to propel you toward achieving your goals.