How To Add Dashboard Notices for Multi Authors in WordPress

leave notices for other members in WordPress

if you have more than one author or team member in your WordPress then you properly loved to add the dash notes feature which allow you to add leaving notices on the dashboard in WordPress. So when your team member logged in he or she will see note messages on the dashboard.

leaving notices on dashboard is one of the best to communicate with other members. So if you want to leave notes for your authors or member than this WordPress beginner tutorial is for you. It's very helpful to add messages to for your teammates or authors about something important

The Plugin We Will Use

Dash Notice is new and fresh plugin which allow WordPress admins to add dash notice board in in dashboard so they can leave important messages for other members. in other words Dash Notice plugin allows users to publish notices for other admins to read.

Adding the Leaving Dash Notice Board

#1: Get the unique key

In order to add the dashboard into your WordPress you to need to get the unique name and key first. So the first thing to do is go to Dashnotice and add the address of your website and name for your notice board.

dash board into WP

After you have submitted the required fields it will give the name and key, copy it

#2: Adding The Dash Notice Plugin

Once you have the unique key and the name then you need to install the plugin called Dash Notice and activate it. After you done, then go to your settings tab and click on Dash Notice and add your name and key.

add notices into your WordPress

Now you able to use the Dash Notice, from your WordPress dashboard you can read and post the dash notices for your other members.

Congratulations you just successfully added the Dash Notice board into your WordPress site. If this article helps you then like and follows us Twitter, Facebook.

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