How to Allow Users to Feedback With Reaction in WordPress

add feedback system with reaction like fb in WordPress

Are you looking for a better feedback system for your WordPress site? A few weeks ago we have shown you how you can add Facebook Like Reaction in WordPress. And in this beginner tutorial you will learn how to add a Feedback with Reaction in WordPress site. Feedback with reaction emoji icons can help you to increase user engagement and you will also get feedback from your Post, Pages and articles. There are many popular websites and blogs who using the Feedback with reaction technique which is very useful trick to get feedback from your users.

The Plugin We Will Use

Well, There are many WordPress Reaction plugins, but this Vicomi Feedbacks Reaction is one of the amazing reaction plugin. This plugin comes with free analytics and admin tools which helps you to keep track your clicks and feedback and it has also different types of Emotional stylish voting and design so you can choose whatever you like. it also helps you increase user engagement on your site and Get emotional Feedback from your users.

Adding Feedback With Reaction in WordPress

To start using Vicomi Feedbacks Reaction plugin the first thing that you need to do is create free account on Vicomi and after then you need download and install the Reactions plugin for your WordPress site through your WordPress interface. Still know you how to do that ? Read our guide about how to install WordPress plugins. So once you have activated the plugin then you need to connect your plugin with Vicomi account which you created so simply go to your settings tab and click on Vicomi and login to your site and then click on update button.

Create Awesome reaction feedback in WordPress

add reaction feedback system in WordPress

So once you logged in to your account, then you able choose Emotional stylish voting designs so select one of the theme which suits you.

reaction system for WordPress

After you are done, then you will see the reaction, feedback option in your post footer.

reaction plugin for WordPress

We hope you may like this tutorial and it help you add feedback with the reaction to your WordPress site. One more thing you need to do is like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.. You can also let us know which reaction, feedback you have in the comment section below.

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