How To Allow Users To Add Images In WordPress Comments

allow users to posts images in WordPress comments

Wants to allow your visitors to add images in your WordPress comments section? In WordPress you can easily add additional functionality using the plugins and adding the Comments images for your users is very easy. All You need to do is add and configure the most popular Comment Images plugin.

 So in this we WordPress tutorial you will learn how to allow your users to upload images in WordPress comments section.

you may see the popular blogs which allow users to post images in the comments section if you do then you will easily understand what we talking about if not then don't worry we here to help you.

The Plugin We Will Use

There are many plugins which can help you to add comment image functionality and one of the plugin that we will use is Comments Images which allows you add comment image into your WordPress comment section. More than 5,000 WordPress users using this plugin and you should too.

Allowing User To Upload Images In WordPress Comment

To allow your visitor to upload image in comment sections the first thing that you need to do is download and install the Comments Images plugin. if you don't know you how to do that then read our step by step guide about how to install WordPress plugins.

Once you have activated the plugin, then your users can upload images in the comment section so you will see a browse button in your Wordpress comment section where you and your users can attach images.

add comment images in WordPress

comments images in wordpress

If you go to your Comments tab in WordPress admin panel then you will see a new column with comment images.

allow users to add images in comment on WordPress site

So this is how you can allow your users to attach images in WordPress comments. We hope this tutorial may help you to allow users to attach images in WordPress and if you like and this article and learned from it then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us. You can also let us know you tabs plugin you like most in the comment section below

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