How to Add Last Modified Date in Blogger Posts

Display your laste modified date in blogger

Wants to add last updated date in Blogspot posts? You may seen blog who displays the last modified date in their articles. which is very useful to update your user about the post when was last modified. So in this quick beginner blogger tutorial we will show you how you can display last modified date in your Blogger Posts. Blogger already has the feature to add the last updated date in posts. but many don't know so if you are among them then don't worry we here to help and guide you step by step.

Displaying The Last Updated Date in Posts

Well, Adding the last modified date in posts is very easy, You just to add update the article date which you want to. So the first thing that you need to do is go your blogger and Posts tab and edit the post which you want to last updated date. On the right side of your post editor you will see Published on section with clock icon. click on that and set the date to the current date it ups to you what date you want to set. And then update the post, now you successfully have added the last modified date in your post.

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Bonus Tips

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