How to Showcase Team or Authors in WordPress

display your team mates in WordPress

Do you want to display your team members or authors in your WordPress site? Then you are reading the right article. In this beginner tutorial we will show you how you can showcase your WordPress members or others with amazing design and effects.

You may see popular websites who have specific pages for team members and employees then you will understand what we are talking about. If you don’t know, then you will get it in the end of this tutorial.

Creating pages for your team member or authors can help your users to know about you and your team.

The Plugin We Will Use

Our Team Showcase is one of the best WordPress plugin to display your team members and authors even employees. This plugin also adds contact email, phone number, and social media accounts for your team members, so your visitors will easily can contact or follow them. It also comes with many amazing features such as Grid templates, Customization and SEO with schema and many others feature.

Displaying team members

#1: Download and Activated the Plugin

First thing first, In order to showcase your team members in your WordPress site, you need to download and install the Our Team Showcase plugin. If you’re having issue on installing WordPress plugins then read our guide on that how to install WordPress Plugins.

#2:Configure the Plugin & Add Members

Once you have activated the plugin, then you will see a new tab named Team and you need to add new members from that tab. So click on that and then click on Add new member option and then add your team member info and bio. Don’t forget to add featured image as your profile image.

add team member page in WordPress

After you added members profile then you need to choose the template to display the team members. So go to your team tab and click on settings and select one of the templates to display your authors.
create team or author page in WordPress

#3:Display Authors

Now finally you can display your WordPress team members in your posts or pages. So first go to your team tab and click on settings then copy the shortcut. If you can’t find the shortcut then use [our-team] shortcode in your post or page to showcase your WordPress authors.

show your authors in one page in WordPress

Now paste the shortcode in your post or page where you want to showcase your team members and authors.

increase traffic by showcase your teams in WordPress

Once you have done then you able to see the list of your members in your WordPress.

our team page in WordPress

That’s it, so this is you easy you can showcase your WordPress authors and team members. If like this tutorial then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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