How To Add Social Share Buttons on Images In WordPress

add share icons to your WordPress images

Adding the popular social networking websites share button on your images can help you to increase your traffic and user engagement. share button like Facebook Pinterest and Twitter, Google plus with some CSS effect can affect your users to share your images and content to their social accounts. So in this tutorial we will show you how you can add a share button to your WordPress images which very useful to drive more traffic from social sites and it's easy to add no coding experience required.

The Plugin We Will Use

The plugin will we use in this WordPress beginner tutorial is Cool Image Share which is one of the best plugin to add a share button to your Images with different CSS effects. Which will surely get the users attention to make them share your images and posts. It also comes with many other features such as Auto wrapping, Positions and Hover effects and many others. and you can also more social share buttons to images and can choose one of Icons themes.

Adding the Image Share buttons

To add the images share button you need download and activated a plugin called Cool Image Share you can search and download from your WordPress plugins or either you can install manually. So once you have activated the plugin, Go to your settings tab and click on new option named Cool Image Share. On the plugin settings page you can change the position of share icon and other styling stuff. if you want to add more social websites share buttons, then scroll down to the Social networking section and add share icons. or if you want to change the icon theme and design, then scroll down to the icon theme section.

display share icon on images in wordpress

So after you done then you able the see share icon on your images like below screenshot.

best share icons for images in WordPress

We hope this article helps you to add share icons on your WordPress images and if you like this tutorial then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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    1. Image is an important part of any blog, because it helps you to express your point in a better way and it encourages visitors to read your content.

    2. Cool Image Share will add social icons to each image in your posts and it will display the icons with different CSS3 beautiful effects, which attracts the attention of the visitors and makes them want to use the icons for sharing in your posts.


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