How to Add Free Online Games in Your BlogSpot Posts

embed games to your blog

If you want to add games in your Blogger and don't how to do that or from where you can embed games then this article is for you.

A few weeks back we have shown you how to add games in WordPress. There are many bloggers who doesn't know how to embed games in BlogSpot

In this Blogger beginner tutorial you will learn how to add games in blogger blog which very easy to add. There are many online free game websites that provides embed code for games and you can use that code to add games.

It's a very useful way to add extra games section to your blogger and it help you to increase user engagement and encourage your users to stay more your blog.

Adding Games in Posts

#1 : Get the Embed code

Like as I said above, there are many free online websites where you can get online free games embed codes. The one of the websites that allow users to embed games is Kongregate.

So to you, go to Kongregate and search for your games that you want to add into your website or you can also search google for free games with embed codes.

After you are done, you need to copy the game embed code which allows you to display games in your blog.
display games in blogger blog

#2: Add Code to blog

Once you have copied the embed code, then you need to go to your blogger blog and create a new post or edit an old one. On the post editor, click on HTML view and paste the embed code and update or publish the post.
add games in your blog

Now you have successfully added the game in your Blogger blog. If you want to change the size of the game screen, then add width and height to the embed code.
width="800" height="600"    

We hope this tutorial may help you to add games in your Blogger posts. If you learned from this article then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.
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