How to Rename Default Uncategorized Category in WordPress


The one of the most common questions that WordPress beginners ask is how they can rename the Uncategorized category in WordPress. Well, We all know that WordPress comes with default Post, Page, comment and category.

And if you are wanting to remove or rename them, then you can. So in this WordPress beginner tutorial we will show you how you can rename the Uncategorized Category in WordPress.

Categories are the pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. which comes with WordPress installation.

Renaming The Uncategorized Category

To rename the Uncategorized Category the first that you need to do is go to your WordPress admin panel and click on the Posts tab then categories and there you will see your all Categories. Then click on edit link on your Uncategorized category.

rename the category in WordPress

On the next page you can rename your category, Just simply add your category name that you want to change and also add a slug for your category which URL of your category.

change the default category in WordPress

In WordPress you can't delete the default Uncategorized categories, but you can rename them. So this is how you can rename the default Uncategorized categories.

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