How to Block or Remove Specific Categories from WordPress RSS Feed

how to exclude rss feeds in wordpress

If you want to block or hide specific categories from your WordPress RSS feed then you are in the right place. In this WordPress beginner tutorial you will learn how to block or exclude specific posts and pages or category from your RSS feed in WordPress. this technique is very useful to hide posts from specific category for example, if you have news or update posts that you don't want to allow in your RSS feed then you can easily exclude specific categories and it will not appear in your WordPress RSS feed.

What is RSS ?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for providing your website articles, photos, other content to your RSS Feed subscribers and they can read your content without visiting your website, But you can encourage them to read your full post on your site.

The Plugin We Will Use

"Ultimate Category Excluder" is one of the best and popular WordPress plugin which allows you to exclude categories from your pages, RSS feeds and allows for search result. It is very easy to use, just a few clicks you have done. These plugins are quite famous more than 30,000 WordPress blogs and websites using this plugin.

Excluding the RSS feeds

First of all, Download and install the "Ultimate Category Excluder" plugin.if you have problem while installing the plugin, then read How To Upload & Install WordPress Plugins. So once you have activated the plugin, then you need to go to your WordPress Settings tab and click on the new option called "Category Exclusion". On the Ultimate Category Excluder Options page you will see your categories with radio buttons placed by columns. Now select the category that you want to disappear from your RSS feed once you have selected then save changes.

 Remove Specific Categories from WordPress RSS Feed

If you want to remove category from your front page then you can from the Ultimate Category Excluder Options page. You can also remove archives and from Search results. That's it, now your category that you selected will disappear from your Wordpress RSS feeds.

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