How To Display Related Posts in WordPress RSS Feeds

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Have you ever heard of Related posts in WordPress RSS feed? in previous tutorial we have shown you how you can add Related posts on your WordPress site. And this article you will learn how to add related posts in WordPress RSS feeds. Adding related posts in your RSS feeds can help you to increase your visitors and subscribers. it is very easy to add and we will use one of the best plugin.

What is RSS ?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a technology for providing your articles, photos, other content to your RSS Feed subscribers and they can read your content without visiting your website. If you want to block or limit the RSS feed in your WordPress then you need to read the guide Block or Remove Specific Categories from WordPress RSS Feed. And you and also set the limit of RSS Feed posts in your WordPress.

The Plugin We Will Use

Well, We will use Yet Another Related Posts plugin which is the best plugin that helps you to display your related content in your WordPress posts and also in your RSS feeds. So with this plugin you can add related posts in your RSS feed and also in your WordPress site. Which boosts up your pageviews and RSS subscribers.

Adding the Related Posts in RSS Feeds

First of all you need download and activate the "Yet Another Related Posts" plugin from your WordPress plugins tab. Once you activate, then you need to go to your settings tab and click on new option named YARPP. and scroll down to the RSS option and enable the related posts in your RSS feed and select one of the Template from the drop down list.

add related posts in RSS feed in WordPress

After you are done, then you will able to see the related posts in your WordPress RSS feed. Have a look on demo screenshot.

related posts for RSS in WordPress

So this is how you can add related post in your WordPress RSS feeds. We hope you may learn from this tutorial. And Don't forget to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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