How to Create or Add Poll System in WordPress

make polls in WordPress

A few weeks ago we have shown you how to encourage visitors to stay and read your posts. In this tutorial we will tell another way to engage with your users. So in this article we will show you how to add Voting Polls in WordPress which is a simple and effective way to improve user engagement. There many websites who creates polls in their websites. You may see some of them if you do then you will easily understand what I'm gonna do. In WordPress you can easily create Polls with the best Poll plugin. And you don't worry about any coding experience.

What is Polls System ?

The Polls System is a process of voting on a question or election. Which allows you to ask questions to your user with multiple choice. So your users can select one of the choices from your questions, When the Polls done, then you and your user can view the result of the question.

The Plugin We Will Use

You can use any Polls plugins, but we recommend you to use "WP-Polls" which is one of the most popular and best Voting WordPress plugin. WP-Polls is very easy to use and highly customizable. This plugins adds AJAX Poll system on your WordPress site and you can easily manage this plugins with the plugin options.

Adding The User's last Login Date

In order to create polls for your WordPress site the first thig that you need to do is download and activate the "WP-Polls" plugin. If you don't know how to install it then read How to Download and Activate WordPress plugin. Once you have activated the plugin then you will see new tab on left side of your WordPress admin area. Click on that and then Add new Poll to your website. Simple just add the title of your question and add answers.

add voting system in your WordPress

After you are done. Then you display the Polls. For to do that, go to your WordPress admin area >> appearance >> Widgets and search for the new Widget called Polls. Then Drag that widget into your sidebar and save it.

Add free polls system in WordPress

Voting System for WordPress

So this is how you can add the Poll system on your WordPress site. If this tutorial helps to add the Polls system on your Web site and your learned them like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

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