How to Allow Visitors to Create PDF File of your Posts in WordPress

Add PDF For Posts in WordPress

Wants to allow your visitors to create PDF versions of your posts in WordPress site? WordPress is a most popular and smartest CMS. And the plugins which makes WordPress powerful is amazing. So if you want to add a PDF download for posts in your WordPress site, then you can easily add with the help of the best plugin PDF plugin. So in this WordPress beginner Tutorial you will learn how to add PDF download button for your Posts in WordPress blog.

What is PDF ?

PDF means Porable Document Format which is file format that's allows you to create and share documents with all devices and operating systems. PDF is best for printing documents. and PDF creates electronic documents which are easy to read and. You can also navigate the documents.

The Plugin We Will Use

In this tutorial will use "WP Advanced PDF" which is a PDF generator which creates and allow your visitors to download PDF for your posts. WP Advanced PDF is a new and featured full WordPress plugin. There many other PDF plugins that you can use, but this one is best and easy to use.

Adding PDF Button

First thing first, Download and install the "WP Advanced PDF" plugin from your WordPress plugin tab or download manually. If you don't know how to do that then read How to Upload and Install WordPress plugins. Once you have activated, then you need to configure the button and other settings. So go to your settings tab and click on WP Advanced PDF tab, On the settings page first check mark front-end radio button then set the button's position.

add PDF files in WordPress

If want to add images in your PDF header, then go to your Headers tab and in the Page Header field upload your header image. if you want to change the PDF body font and Footer Text then you can. For the body font goes to Body tab and in the Content Font field, select font and save the changes. To add footer text go to Footer ta b and check mark the Custom Footer Text button and add your text. You can also add your watermark in your PDF post just go to Watermark tab and add watermark text or image to PDF pages.

Add pdf into WordPress blog

We hope this tutorial helps you to add PDF download button for your Posts and pages in WordPress. If you liked and learned from this article then show us your support by liking and following us on Twitter, Facebook.

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