How To Add Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar in WordPress

floating share button in WordPress

Do you know? over 22 billion shares are viewed each and every day on the internet and you can increase your visitors just by adding the Floating Sidebar share button with the most popular social networking websites.

A while back we have shown you how you can add a Floating share bar in your WordPress site and in this WordPress beginner tutorial you will learn how to add Share button with Floating Sidebar in your WordPress site or blog.

Which is very useful technique to get more shares and its also help you to drive more traffic from famous social networking sites.

The Plugin We Will Use

The one of the best and popular Floating share WordPress plugin is Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar Which allows you to add easily Floating share button on your WordPress sidebar and you can also add custom icons and button for your website. it supports 9 popular social networking and also comes with other options which can help you to customize your share buttons and over 20,000 WordPress using this plugin.

Adding Floating Sidebar

First, you have to download and activate the plugin called "Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar" using your WordPress plugin interface or off course you can do that manually. Once you have got the plugin activated, then you need to enable the sidebar in the floating sidebar setting page so go to your settings tab and click on the new Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar option and there you will see few tabs and bunch of options so first click on the enable sidebar option button to enable the floating sidebar.

add share floating sidebar

Now you have enabled the Floating share sidebar in your WordPress and if you want to change the Floating position, then click on Floating Sidebar tab and there you will see Floating Sidebar Settings section where you can change the floating sidebar position.

You can also add custom share icons if you want just to go Social share button tab and add URLs of your icons in the social icons fields.

We hope you may like this tutorial and it helped you to add Floating sharing sidebar in your WordPress. Don't forget to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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