How To Add Like/Recommend Button In your WordPress

How to Allow users to like and recommend your posts in WordPress

A few weeks ago we have shown you How to Add Facebook Like Reactions System to WordPress Posts. And in this tutorial we will show you how to add Like and Recommend button in your WordPress. Adding like and recommend button is very helpful to engage with your visitors. You can allow your readers to like or either recommend your posts. This technique can help you to boost your user engagement and visitors. More than 20,000+ websites using this method to increase their traffic and user engagement. You may also see one of this button in popular blogs.

The Plugin We Will Use

"I Recommend This" is one of the best WordPress plugin to add like and Recommend button on your WordPress site. With this plugin you can easily add like/recommend into your WordPress posts instead of comments. It also comes with some feature which can help you to customize it.

Adding the Like/Recommend Buttons

The first thing that you need to do is download and activate the "I Recommend This" WordPress plugin from your Plugins tab. If your new to installing plugins in WordPress then read how to Install WordPress plugins. So once you done, then go to your WordPress Settings tab and look for new option named "I Recommend This" click on that. On the next page you need to check mark the button next to Automatically display on. And scroll down a bit and choose button style you can select heart instead of like a button. And if you want to add your own CSS Styles then you can just Disable CSS and add yours.

add recommend button in WordPress

Once you have done, then you able see like or recommend button in your WordPress posts. So if you have select heart for your button style, then you will see heart instead of thumb button.

Recommend button for WordPress

We hope this quick beginner tutorial may help you to add like or recommend button in your WordPress. if you learned and want more tutorials like this one, then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.. And you can ask anything about this tutorial in the comment section below.

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