How to Add Amazing Scroll to Top Effect in WordPress

add scroll to top feature in your WordPress

Wants to add smooth scroll to top arrow in your WordPress site? You may see lots of websites using the scroll to top effect in their sites. Which helps your readers to scroll up just in one click. So in this tutorial we will show you how you can add Scroll to top feature on your WordPress website or blog. No coding experience required, we will use the one the best plugin which can add Scroll to top feature in your website and you can also customize the scroll to top button. This feature is very useful if you want to long pages or posts in your website.

The Plugin We Will Use

Well, There lots of WordPress plugins which can help you to add the Scroll to top button in your WordPress website or blog. but the Scroll Back To Top is one of the popular and best plugin that allows users to scroll smoothly to the top of the page. and you can customize the button with your theme match. This plug-in also comes with many other features which allows you to add the scroll Duration, Visibility Duration and many more. More than 40,000 WordPress using this plugin.

Adding the Scroll to Top Button

To add the Scroll to Top button in your Web site, you need to download and activate the "Scroll Back To Top" Plugin through the Plugins interface or by uploading the plugin manually. Once you have activated the plugin, then you need to go to your settings tab and click on new option named "Scroll to top". And there you can customize the button. in the Button Appearance section you can set the width and height and also the color the scroll to top button. and if you want to change the location of the button, then scroll to down to the button location section.


After you are done, then you will able to see the Scroll to Top button on your WordPress site.

So this how you can easily add the Scroll To Top button on your WordPress site or blog and we hope you may like this tutorial and learned from it. If you have then support us by liking our social profiles Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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