The 5 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Compress your images with 5 WordPress Plugins

Do you know? Optimizing your images helps your WordPress site load faster. and can also boost your SEO. Yes optimizing WordPress images is best for SEO and also reduce website load time. We picked up the best Image Optimization plugins for WordPress. Which can compress your WordPress images and also improve your SEO. There are many other WordPress Optimization plugins.

If you are using Large image in your WordPress then it may be slowing down your website. With the help of these plugins you can Optimize your images. and reduce image unnecessarily large file size without losing its quality. Our images that we upload to WordPress sites is High-resolution and unnecessarily large file size. which we need to compress it which can slow down your page speed.

5 - Imsanity

Amaing Compression plugins for WordPress

With insanity you can easily resize your images and allows compress them. You can set the image size so when you upload any images to your site, it will resize and scale it. It also comes with many amazing features which will help you a lot. like Automatically scales, Optionally converts. And some others. You should give it a try you may like it like others WordPress 100,000+ sites.

4 - Compress JPEG & PNG images

Fast compression plugins for WordPress

Compress JPEG & PNG images is one of best and most popular Image Optimizar plugin For WordPress. which can help you to speed up your website. and also can optimize your images automatically with TinyPNG. More than sixty thousand WordPress website using this plugin to compress images. If you want better results then this plug-in is best for you. We also create tutorial on How to install and Configure this plugin. Read : How to Automatically Optimize all your WordPress Images With TinyPng WP Plugin.

3 - ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Great Compression plugins for WordPress

ShortPixel is Lightweight and best Optimizar plugin for WordPress. that you can Compress your WordPress blog images and also helps to get a better Google PageRank. You can even compress your PDF'S documents. You can also resize and recall your images. it also has many other features. You can easily configure and start compressing images. which takes us 3rd places in this Top 5 WordPress Image Compression plugins list. twenty thousands WordPress love this plugin and comparing this plugin.

2 - EWWWW Image Optimizer

Awesome 5 Image Compression plugins for WordPress

The EWWW Image Optimizer is another best Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress. EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimize your images when you upload. or you can also compress your image that you already have on your WordPress blog. The EWWW helps you to make your pages load faster by compress page images. You can save your Bandwidth usage with EWWW image optimize. over 300,000+ WordPress sites optimzating image with this plugin.

1 - WP Smush - Image Optimization

Super best plugins for WordPress

WP smash is the most popular and powerful WordPress plugin. Which can compress your images and also can resize it and it's free. more than four hundred thousand WordPress sites using this plugin. WP smash uses its own servers to compress images. So you can compress your images without slowing down your site. it comes with many features which allows you to do more. Such as automatically scale, lossless compression, Auto-smash. WP smash is easy to use, everyone can start to configure it. WP Smush has no confusing compression settings.

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You can let us know which Image Optimization Plugin, you use in your WordPress in the comment section below. We hope you like these plugins and make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

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