The 5 Best Methods to Promote Old Posts in WordPress

promote your old posts

You can increase your website traffic by promoting your old posts. And it's best and easiest way to get more visitors and page views by putting your old posts. So in this tutorial you will learn how to promote your old posts to boost up visitors and pageviews. Many websites using this technique and you should too. In this article we will discuss about the five great WordPress plugins which can help you to promote your old articles in your posts. and also easy to use.

promote your old posts

Sharing your old posts your to social media website is the best and effective way to get more followers and pageviews. There many WordPress plugins that you can use to share your old articles to your social networking accounts. and one of the best plugins is Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) WordPress plugin. Revive Old Post is a very popular plugin and amazing plugin. With this plugin you can easily share your old posts to famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

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2 - Add Inline Related Posts In WordPress

add inline related posts in your articles

Adding related posts in your WordPress posts is very useful way to boost up your Pageview even lots of websites including popular. Add inline related posts in their articles. In WordPress you can easily add inline related articles to your WordPress post. with the help of Inline Related Posts WordPress plugin. Inline Related Posts helps you to add automatically related articles in your blog posts. You may see the websites who add related articles in their posts to engage with visitors.

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  • 3 - Add Google Custom Search

    add google search box in WordPress

    Adding Google Custom Search box in your WordPress can help you to increase the numbers of your previews and also user engagement. You might be thinking that there are many WordPress search plugins and why we should use google search instead of WordPress other search plugins. Because the plugins is only search your WordPress content which matches with the keyword. Sometimes users enter an incorrect spelling or just enter one keyword that some of the plugin can not handle.

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  • 4 - Display Your Popular Posts

    add popular posts list in your WP site

    Display your popular posts to your users can boost up your previews. Almost all of blogger use to display popular posts, which is very simplest and easiest way to get your users attention and gain more pageviews. There many awesome and amazing Popular posts plugins. and one the famous plugin is "WordPress Popular Posts" which is highly customizable and easy-to-use posts widget.

    5 - link to Old Articles

    linking your artcles in your site is good for SEO

    One of the best and the most important SEO strategy is internal links. Make your habits to Link to your previous articles which related to your current article. and this also the best way to reduce bounce rate. And it helps increase your pageviews and also best to engage with your visitors. It's important to link your articles to your posts. That's why You need to make internal linking your habit.

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