How to Insert Ads In your Posts in WordPress Boost your Earnings

Inert Ads inside your WordPress posts to earn more

Placing ads in WordPress your Post content can boost up your earnings. And you can also place ads anywhere in your Post with the ads management plugin. There many Ads management plugins which you can use to insert ads in your WordPress. You may see blogs that placed ads in their posts. You can also do that. So in this tutorial we will learn how to Insert Ads in your Blog Posts in WordPress. Which can help you increase your CTR and Google AdSense revenue.

The Plugin we will Use

We will use Insert Post Ads in this tutorial. This plugin allows you to Insert your ads in your post paragraphs. And it also increases your click through rate and CTR. The best way to increase your Adsense revenue is placing your ads within your posts or pages. And this plugin is best to do that.

Adding Ads into Post Content

To start placing your Ads on your WordPress blog. You need to download the plugin called "Insert Post Ads" from your WordPress plugin tab. or download and install it manually if you don't know how to do then read how to Install WordPress Plugins. Once you have downloaded the plugin, then you need to install and activate it. After you are done, you able to see new tab named "Post Adverts" below your pages tab. Click on that and then click on add new. And paste your Ad codes in the Ads Code text field and set the location for the ads and publish.

Boost your blog earning by placeing ads in the right way

Now you click on Settings to turn it on. On the plugin settings page. you will see the "where do you want ads to display?" section. if you want to display ads on your post and pages, then check the radio buttons. and click on save settings.

Best way to inset ads in WordPress

You can also add your styles by ExCluding CSS in the Settings. So this is how you can inert Ads on your WordPress website. If you liked this tutorial then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook

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