How to Share Your Old WordPress Posts Automatically

free post your content to social sites automatically

Posting an old post to the Social Networking website is an effective way to boost up your traffic and keep alive your visitors from social sites. It helps you to introduce your new followers to your old content and also engage more users on social media. You will also get new followers and shares. In WordPress you don't need to publish your old post on social media sites manually. You can do it automatically with the best WordPress plugins which will we discuss in below. So in this WordPress beginners tutorial you will learn how to share or publish your old content automatically.

Plugin we will use

In this tutorial we will use "Revive Old Post" (Former Tweet Old Post) WordPress plugin which is a very popular plugin. With this plugin you can easily share your old posts to famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Automatically. it is the best plugin to keep your old posts alive, sharing them to social networking sites. And also it helps you to increase your follower and traffic.

Adding the plugin

First, you need to download and activate the "Revive Old Post" plugin from your WordPress plugins tab. Once you have activated the plugin, then you need configure the plugin so go to your WordPress admin area on the left side bar you will see a new option tab called "Revive Old Posts". Click on that and connect your social where you want to share your old posts.

share your Posts to twitter facebook automatically

Once you are done, then you need to set the limit of your old posts so set limit in General settings tab. And you can also specific categories. Don't forget to save your settings.

post your WordPress content to facebook twitter auto

To start sharing your old posts, just click on "Start Sharing " button, That's it. So this how you can easily promote your old content to social networking websites. if you liked this tutorial then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get the latest tutorials.

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