How to Allow Users to Click to Tweet From your WordPress Posts

Best way to drive traffic add Click to tweet

You can encourage your website visitors to Tweet quote from your WordPress site by adding click to Tweet feature in your website. Which is amazing way to drive more users from Twitter and helps to increase your site engagement. You may see Awesome quote tweet boxes on popular websites which encourage visitors to tweet. It's very useful to get more shares and followers. So during tutorial we will show you how to add a click to Tweet box in your WordPress posts and pages.

Plugin we will use

We will use "Better Click To Tweet" WordPress plugin in the tutorial. Click to Tweet is a best WordPress plugin to encourage your users to Tweet quote from your posts or pages. Many popular sites using this feature to drive more users from Twitter to their websites. With Click to Tweet plugin you can easily create Tweetable box for your readers. And you can also add quotes and custom messages inside of your post to highlight your for the reader.

Adding the plugin

First of all, You need to download and activate "Better Click To Tweet" WordPress plugin in your site. If you don't know to how to install, then read our guide on How To Install WordPress Plugins. So once you have installed and activated the account. Then you will see a new option in your WordPress settings tab called "Better Click To Tweet". At the Better Click On Tweet settings page you need to add your Twitter username in Twitter Handle field without @ symbol

To insert the Click to Tweet box in your WordPress site posts or pages. You can use the shortcut [bctt tweet="YOUR QUOTE HERE!!!, tweetable quote."] or just simply go to the post or page where you want to add the Click to Tweet box. and click on Twitter logo and add click to Tweet box in your posts or pages.

Add click to tweet in your WordPress blog

Add click to tweet in your blog

So this is how you can easily allow your users to tweet quotes from your site. We hope you may enjoyed and learned from this tutorial if you do then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

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