How To Add Inline Related Posts In WordPress

Adding related posts in WordPress

Wants to add related posts to your WordPress posts? if yes, then you are reading the right article which will help you to add Inline Related Posts In WordPress. Adding related posts is very useful trick to boost up your Pageview and also SEO. There lots of websites including major popular. who add inline related posts in their articles. Which is best to engage your visitor with your website. There are many related posts WordPress plugins which you can use to add your related articles. And we picked up the best which easy to use.

Plugin we will use

We will use Inline Related Posts in this tutorial to add related articles in WordPress posts. with Inline Related Posts you can automatically inserts related articles in your blog. Which is the best trick to get more pageviews and visitors. You may see the popular blogs who put related articles in their posts. like as I said, adding related posts in your blog is very good to get more pageviews. And also good for SEO.

Inserting related posts

Best plugin to add related posts

To insert related posts on your WordPress site. The first thing that you need to do is download and activate the "Inline Related Posts" plugin. if you don't know how to install WordPress plugins then Read. How to Install WordPress plugins. So once you have activated the plugin you will see a new option in your settings tab called "Inline Related Posts ". click on that Then you need to active and configure the plugin. check mark the active radio button and then select one of the related posts box themes. and you and also customize it fully.

insert related articles in WP

If you can also set Link rel and target attributes. After you are done, you will see the related posts in your WordPress articles. Like this screenshot.

add related posts in your WordPress

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