How to Create And Add the Contact Page in Drupal Site

drupal module for adding contact

Wants to add a contact page in your Drupal website?, There many Drupal beginners who don't know how to add the contact form on Drupal website. If are among of those then you are reading the right article. In this Drupal beginner tutorial you will learn how to add a contact form into your Drupal website. The contact form is very useful to give access to your visitors to contact you. Almost every website using the contact form, And you should also create forms for your users.

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  • Install the Module

    IF you already have the contact module installed, Then skip this step and read the next step.

    By default Drupal already has the contact form. Or you don't have then you need install it. So to do that. Go to your Drupal admin section. Click on extend tab and search for Contact form. Once you have found then contact module, Than install it.

    add contact page to drupal

    Once you have installed the contact module, Now you need to configure your contact form. to do that check below step.

    Adding the Contact in the Page

    in order to add the contact form in your Drupal website. you need to configure the form first. So go to your Drupal structure tab, And click on "Contact Forms" and add new contact form.

    tutorial add contact us in drupal

    Now fill the form, Add your label like Contact me, Feedback, and in Recipients field. add your email to receive message from your visitors. you can set Auto-reply for your visitors. and select make this the default form radio button.

    Contact page for drupal

    Once you have created the form, You can view it by clicking on it. form contact form page.

    contact module drupal
    Contact Page in Drupal Site

    That's it, So this is how you can easily add the contact form into your Drupal website. we hope you may learn from it a Drupal beginner tutorial, If you do then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook. To get latest updates from us.

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