How To Add Flipboard Follow Button in Blogger Blog

A few weeks back we have shown you how to Add Flipboard share button in blogger. And in this quick tutorial we will show you how to add Flipboard follow button in your BlogSpot blog. Which is very helpful to increase your Flipboard followers. Flipboard is a surfeit of social networking website and magazine mobile app. More than 300 million people using clipboard.

What is FlipBoard ?

Like as i said, Flipboard is a surfeit of social networking website. and magazine mobile app. Flipboard allows its users to create the magazine. where user can post content from other sites to their Flipboard magazines. And users can follow each others. Flipboard was launched by Evan Doll and Mike McCue in 2010.

Creating the Button

The first thing that you need to do is create the Flipboard button. For to do that. go to "Flipboard" Developers' page and enter your Flipboard profile URL and select the follow button. and generate the codes. And then copy the button codes.

Adding Into blogger

Once you have created the follow button and copied button codes then you can add into your Blogger. if want to add the Flipboard follow button in your post's footer then you need to add the codes below your "<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>" or "<div class'post-footer'>" in your Blog template.

If you want to add Flipboard follow button in your Blogs sidebar then you need to add an HTML/JavaScript widget in your blog's sidebar. For to do that, go to your blogger >> Layout, and add new HTML/JavaScript gadget and paste the button codes and drag the widget to a sidebar and save arrangement.

You can also place the Flipboard follow button anywhere in your posts or pages. You just need to paste the button codes in your Post or Page HTML section.

We hope this tutorial will help you to add the Flipboard follow button on your blogger blog. If you liked this tutorial and learned from it, then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get latest updates from us.

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