Top 5 WordPress Comment System Plugins

comment system plugins for wordpress

wants to Improve The WordPress comment system, then you should check out these 5 best plugins that can make your WordPress comment system more better, Many WordPress admins not using The built in the default WordPress comment system, and you might want to use other best WordPress Comment System to improve your style. So in this WordPress article you will get the list of the best top 5 comment plugins that will love to add into your WordPress.

1 - Disqus Comment System

Disqus WordPress Plugin review

Disqus is word's largest blog comment hosting service, Many major publication's websites, such as CNN, The Daily Telegraph, and IGN, and more than 750,000 blogs and websites. using Disqus. With the Disqus you can allow search engines to index the Comments, Yes Disqus is SEO-friendly. Disqus has much better features such as Auto-sync (backup) of comments, indexable Comments, Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists, Subscribe and RSS options and so on, More than two hundred thousand WordPres using the Disqus comment system.

2 - WidgetPack Comment System

widgetpag-comment WordPress Plugin review

Widget Pack is another nice comment system that replaces your WordPress default comment system with Real-time and many Social conversations services so many social networking users can login and comment, and it's helped to drive more traffic to your WordPress site. The Widgetpack comment system has many features like Google Rich Snippets for Rating, Guest and Social login, Star Rating, User ban, IP ban, Threaded comments and replies and many more.

3 - Facebook Comments

facebook-comment WordPress Plugin review

You might notice many popular websites using Facebook comments to engage with users, Almost all of us using Facebook, so you should also use the Facebook comments plugin and it will help you to add the Facebook comment system and previously we create the tutorial so it will guide you to add the Facebook comment system to your WordPress.

4 - wpDiscuz

wpdiscuz-comment WordPress Plugin review

WpDiscuz is a realtime AJAX comment system. which comes with lots of good features like, Post sharing options, Comment voting, Live update, Responsive and many others, With the awesome Design you can make your WordPress comment system cool. and it's fast and responsive with many features. with more than 10,000 active Installs, It takes the 4th place in this top 5 plugin list

5 - WP Advanced Comment

wp-comment WordPress Plugin review

WP Advance Comment is another AJAX based comment system for your WordPress with the drag and drop feature. so you can easily create forms with drag and drop options. and also ready translation, You readers can like or disable comments with the vote getter. It's pretty simple and easy to add and also powerful.

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