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The best 5 websites where you can share your blog posts to drive more visitors to your website or blog. Everyone wants to increase their website or blog traffic. Some of them don't know about the 5 top websites that can help to gain more readers. So in this article you will learn how to increase blog traffic in minutes with these 5 awesome sites.

I personally use some of them daily when I publish a new post. which helps me lot to drive organic traffic from the 5 best social networking websites. I not gonna tell to share your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ because you may already do that.

1 - Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing website. where users share their blog post cover and images to drive traffic to their websites and blogs. Pinterest is most popular and best photo sharing website. Which can help to your gain more readers for your website. you just need to create the account and make a board for your blog (Magazine type) where you can share your posts. You can follow other users and they will follow you back. We have also our Pinterest Board you can follow us too. You can also use Pinterest analytics and monitor your site’s performance by images pinned.

Allow your blog or website readers to share your image to Pinterest by adding the Pin its button to your site or blog. If your WordPress blog then read How to How to Add a Pinterest Pin It Button in WordPress.

Or if you are BlogSpot Blogger then I also wrote article for blogger. read: How to Add a Pinterest Pin it Button on Blogger Images.

If you want to verify your Website or blog, then you also verify your site by step by step tutorial.

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  • 2 - Stumbleupon

    share on the best websites where you can get traffic

    StumbleUpon is a some kind of web search engine. that search the rare Web pages, photos and videos, web content. StumbleUpon was founded in Calgary, Canada school in 2002. by Justin LaFrance, Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith. StumbleUpon finds web content that related to it's users' interests. More than 30 million people are active on StumbleUpon on a monthly basis. If want to increase your traffic then you should use this to gain more readers for your blog.

    First, you need to create an account and start submitting your web pages. within few minutes you will see the result. You can also follow other users so they can follow back. I also use Stumbleupon to submit my new content. you can also follow me on Stumbleupon "Aizaz dinho's Profle".

    You also allow your readers to share your content to Stumbleupon. by adding the Stumbleupon share button to your website. Which is an effective way to get more pageview and users.

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    3 - Flipboard

    promoting sites where you can share your posts

    Flipboard is the one of popular social magazine websites, and a mobile app. With the Flipboard you can create the magazine for your website. and can share your content to your clipboard magazine. So the other Flipboard can find your posts and it will help to drive traffic. You can also follow other magazines and also mine (Meralesson Flipboard Magazine).

    Flipboard was launched by Evan Doll and Mike McCue. (Evan Doll was a former Apple iPhone engineer) in 2010. More than 300 million users using Flipboard . reported by Mike McCue CEO of Flipboard

    To increase your blog traffic, You should allow your readers to share your content to Flipboard by adding the Flipboard share button.

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    4 - Tumblr

    5 site to share your articles

    The Tumblr is another best social networking website and also microblogging. With Tumblr you can create a mini blog for your website where you can share your website post link. And other Tumblr users can like and share your content. they will also visit your website. You can follow other users and their blogs. We also created the Tumblr blog where I add my content when I publish a new post. Follow us on Tumblr "Aizaz dinho's Profile"

    . Tumblr founded by David Karp in 2007. later in 2013 Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion cash. more than 555 millions people using Tumblr.

    If want to increase your blog pageviews then you need to allow your readers to share your post to Tumblr. You can add the Tumblr Share button to your website by reading our article

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    5 - Reddit Subreddits

    best share posts on sites

    Audit is the most famous and the best entertainment and social news networking website. You can submit your blog posts to edit subreddits. It helps to drive organic traffic. There many Reddit Subreddits where you can share your post. You just need to search the Subreddits where you want to submit your articles. last year Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors. Reddit was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman.

    You should add the Reddit share button to your website or blog to increase your website traffic. I wrote the article for WordPress and blogger users to add the Reddit share button to their websites.

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  • “There is no limit until you made one” ― Aizaz.dinho

    We hope you may like this websites list, You can let us know which social website you liked most in the comment section below.

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