How to Redirect HTTP Blogger Blog To HTTPS

how to enable the HTTPS redirect Feature

Recently Blogger applies HTTPS to HTTP blogSpot blogs, and some of you might want your blog readers to access your blogger blog only via HTTPS, Blogger now allows blogger owners to HTTPS redirect for your blog. When you enable the Blogger HTTPS redirect feature, then your blogger readers always connect to your blogger blog through the encrypted version of your blog. In this article you will learn how to enable the HTTPS redirect in Blogger.

Enabling Redirect HTTP Feature In Blogger

To enable the HTTP redirect in blogger blog, The First thing that you need to do is sign in to your blogger account, And go to your settings tab and click on basic tab, scroll down to HTTPS section and click on the dropdown list next to HTTPS redirect, And select yes from the dropdown list. Note: The Blogger HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs.

https redirecting blogger

Once you have enabled the HTTPS redirect then your blogger visitors always access your blog only over HTTPS if they try to visit your blogger blog through HTTP then blogger will redirect it to HTTPS encrypted, And if your HTTPS redirect is turned off then your blog visitors will access your blog through HTTP, an unencrypted connection. they will also can access your blog over HTTPS.

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