How to Disable or Enable Mobile Template in Blogger

disable mobile template in blogger

By the default blogger enabled the responsive template and almost all bloggers use custom blogger templates for the blogs. and might want to display your custom responsive template for your smartphone traffic, You can easily disable the default blogger mobile responsive template within a minute. When your reader visits your Blogger site from Smartphones or other through device, then Blogger displays the default responsive version of your blogger website, and if already have a custom responsive blogger template then you should enable it for your smartphones or other device traffic. So in this Blogger beginner tutorial you will learn how to disable or enable the Blogger default responsive mobile template for your blogger blog.

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  • Disabling The Default Blogger Mobile Template

    The first thing that you need to do is sign in to your blogger account and go to your blogger blog then click on template tab. and there you will see a live preview of your blog in 2 different views, the first desktop version and the second mobile version. on the bottom of mobile version you will see the gear icon, click on that icon, a popup window will appear, then select " No. Show desktop template on mobile devices" radio button and then save it.

    disable default blogger template

    And if want to enable the default blogger responsive mobile template, and somehow you don't have enabled the responsive mobile template in your blogger then just select the "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices." from radio button like we did above.

    Congratulations, You just learned to enable, or disable the default blogger responsive template in blogger blogs. If you liked this tutorial then don't forget to like and follow us on twitter and you can also like our Facebook page.

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