How to Add Viber Share Button in Blogger

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Adding the Viber share button for your blogger smart phones or other device users is very easy now, You just need to copy and paste the Viber share button codes to your blogspot blog, that's it, simple is that, We implement the Viber button with an icon and style like we did with the Telegram Share button, Myspace Share Button, Digg Share Button. So in this Blogger beginner tutorial you will learn to add the Viber share button for your mobile visitors.

What Is Viber ?

Viber is one of the popular instant messaging and calling app which help users to connect with people around the world. Viber users can send free text messages, stickers, photos, videos and also free HD phone and video calls. Viber has more than 664 million unique users in 193 countries.

How it's Began ?

Well, The story behind Viber is very interesting, One day Talmon Marco (Founder of Viber) dating a girl in Hong Kong, He tries to fine the best way for engaging to keep in touch with smartphones, Talmon Marco got the idea while dating with dating the girl, And in 2010 Viber was founded. And yes the girl who was dating with Talmon Marco, Now his wife.

Let's Add The Viber Share Button To Your Blogger

First thing is first, You need to copy the below Viber share button codes to add into your blogger blog.

<!--Viber Share Button>  
<a id='viber-button'><img src='' style='width:32px; height:32px;' title='Share on Viber'/></a>
    var buttonID = &quot;viber-button&quot;;
    var text = &quot;Check this out: &quot;;
    document.getElementById(buttonID).setAttribute(&#39;href&#39;, &quot;viber://forward?text=&quot; + encodeURIComponent(text + &quot; &quot; + window.location.href));
<!--Viber Share Button>

After you copied the above button codes, Go to your Blogger >> Template >> HTML, And if you want to add this button into your post footer, then search for "<div class='post-footer'> " or if you want to add this button below your post title, then search for "<div class='post-header-line-1'/>", Now paste the code below the search code and save the template.

Viber Button Blogger

If you want to change the custom text from this button, then change the text inside of text brackets.

Viber Button Blogger

Congratulations, You just added the Viber share button to your blogger posts. If you liked this tutorial and learned from this article then like and follow us on twitter, Facebook

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