Google take over HTTPS to all blogspot domain blogs

In the previous post we inform you google is going to enable the HTTPS extension to all their blogspot address. HTTPS we all know this is the significant aspect of security, and it provides protection for data which sent from website to user browsers. In the last September google announce that they add HTTPS to blogger which can easily enable from blogger settings, they want to ensure that the blogger loving it or just leave it behind. Recently blogger takes over the HTTP extension
with HTTPS and now every blogger will see the HTTPS in their blogger blog-spot url, for example will now This setting will effect even you on HTTPS or not in your settings.

Blogger also adds the new setting called HTTPS Redirect which allow you to redirect your HTTP request to HTTPS. If this new setting, turn on then all your user will automatically switch to the HTTPS version of your blog, for example if they go to then they will be redirected to this one If you want to turn off this feature, then your visitor will have two choice for visiting your blog, first is the unencrypted version and the second is encrypted version, for example if your visitor type then it will show or if they type encrypted version like then it will show as it is

There are some problem which related to mix-content and as well it may effect on some of your functionality. we all ready discuss about Mixed content which most of the time caused by inappropriate custom templates, post content, or widgets. Google Blogger persistently removes this error and most of them are fixed, and some of the issues only fixed by the blog owner. Google also made a mixed content warning tool which checks the content issues which shows the error and give the solution so you able to fixed this error by yourself.

No links will be affected by these changes, Note that this HTTPS is only for user and it is not available for custom domains.

Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs are not affected by this launch, and will continue to work. Please note that blogs on custom domains will not yet have HTTPS support.

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