How To Highlight and Share Text in WordPress For Visitors

allow your visitors to share your text and qutoes

Do you know?. There is a plugin for WordPress which can help to you to engage your visitor with your website. Every blogger wants to make their blogs / website popular. If you are among of those then I will show you how you can improve your SEO or can drive more traffic to your Website. Even you can learn how to write a readable post. And you will also learn how to add the highlights and share text WordPress feature. Which can help you to engage your readers with your WordPress website.

To become one of the popular Blogger. You need to focus on the few main things. First and most important thing that you should care about it. And that is SEO. To improve your website or blog SEO you need to check the article which I wrote a few days ago. 5 Tips For SEO-Opimize Blog Post Which Lead You To Success. if you are BlogSpot Blogger then check out The 10 SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs.

If you want to write the readable blog post which search engines like Google loved it. And also your readers will like and share your article. So to do that you need to improve your writing skill. So learn how to write a readable blog post. And improve your skill to create the SEO friendly blog posts. Which can help you to get higher rank in search engines.

Let's focus on the WordPress Plugin. which can help you to engage your visitor with your WordPress website. this plugin can helps your readers to highlight text. which he/she liked and share it. If your user liked some of your word. then they can select it and share it on Twitter, Which is The best way to promote your blog post. if a reader tweet your content, text to their Twitter profile. Then you will get more visitors and retweets. It is best to attract new readers to your blog. So have a look at the below steps to download and configure the plugin.

Adding The Highlight and Share Text Plugin in WordPress

share and highlight plugin

The first thing that you need to do is download "Highlight and Share" Plugin. You can also download it from your WordPress plugin area. After you are done, You need to install and activate the plugin. Once you have activated the plugin. You able to see the new tab under your settings tag named "Highlight and Share". So click on that tab to configure your plugin.

In the Highlight and Share settings page. You need to enter your Twitter username. And you can also config your Facebook Settings, Shortlinks.

Adding The Highlight and Share Text Plugin in WordPress

Once you configured your Highlight and Share Text Plugin. Now your visitor can share the text which they like to. They need to select the text of your article, A popup share button will appear. then they can share the text within just one click. You can have a look below screenshot.

share text in wordpress

So this is how you can easily allow your readers to share your text from the blog post. We hope this tutorial may help you to engage with your visitors. if you liked this tutorial and wants to your love. You can give us feedback in the below comment section. And the best you can like and follow us on, Twitter, Facebook. To get latest updates from us.

Bonus Tip:

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