How to Get verified Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best photo sharing and many beginners blogger doesn't know that they can drive traffic from Pinterest, Yes can you can promote your blogger blog to Pinterest by your post images. And also you can analyze your blog pins and your Pinterest visitors. To increase your blogger blog pageviews you need add your blog to Pinterest and make a migraine of your blog there. and share your posts in your magazine. In the previous article we teach you how to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest, Today I was thinking to make a tutorial for my blogger readers. to help them to verify.

Get Verification Code, and Add to Blogger

In order to verify your blogger blog, You need to Login to your Pintertest Account and click on your profile name (On the right top corner of the screen) and click on the edit profile button. Once you clicked on the edit profile button, A popup window will appear, there you need add your blogger blog URL,

 How to Get Berified Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Then click on the Confirm Website button next to the website text field. And a new popup window will appear there you will see the meta verification code

How to Get verified Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Once you coped your Meta verify Code, Go to your blogger blog >> Template >> Edit HTML, Paste that code just below the head> tag, And save the template, Make Sure to backup your blogger blog template before making any changes in your blog.

Now go to Pintertest Tab and click on Finish (red button ) to verify your blog.

So this how we can verify the blogger blog on Pintertest. If you liked this tutorial then like and follow us on, Twitter, Facebook

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