How to Prevent Search Engines from Indexing A WordPress Website

There are many reason to stop search engines from crawling your website.One of the common reason is when you are building your website then you probably not want search engines to crawl your site . In this lesson we will show you how to stop google and other search engines to crawl your WordPress site.

Why Stop Search Engines From Indexing Your WordPress Site

The only leading source of traffic are search engines for many websites.most of people may ask why would someone want to stop search engines from crawling their site?

There are many people who just build project management site from WordPress. Some other use for private blogging they just create a private blog on WordPress and do not want to show it publicly . in this causes you probably do not want search engines to index your blog.

Most of beginner had a misconception in their mind that if i do not submit my site in some webmaster tools then search engines will never index my website.They completely wrong

Search Engines Can Easily Find Your Website : For example

If you bought a domain which previously owned by someone it has many chances that it can still have pointing links to your website which their owner made for their propose.

It is possible to get indexed if some other domain link to your site.

Google and other search engines bot automatically crawl and index every single site either it submit on there webmaster or not.

You can Control your site and tell search engines to not index your WordPress site.

Block Search Engines from Indexing Your WordPress Site

You may notice or not WordPress have a built-in feature that allow you to enable or disable search engines visibility.

In order to tell search engines not to follow or index your website. Sign in to your WordPress account and then go to>> Settings >> Reading and on Search Engine Visibility Option section you will see a check box ,check it,

what this acutely does .It adds content="noindex,follow" in your head meta tag and it also add User-agent disallow line in your robot.txt file. which tell search engines not to follow or index this site . Most of search engines accept this request .

Totally Remove Your Site From Search Results?

Another and effective way to block search engines is to protect your WordPress site by giving password to the server. It will ask enter username password if anyone visit your site. Its totally turn away bot because bots can not pass out username and password so it will face 401 error.

Password Protecting Using cPanel

Go to your WordPress hosting provider and access to your cpanel, and then click on password protect directories.

then it will ask you choose which directory you want to protected ,select your site domain and enter.

Now give password to your WordPress site.once you enter your password and then hit protect ti!

Now your done!

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