How to Optimize Blogger Images SEO by Adding ALT Tag

 How to Optimize Blogger Images SEO by Adding ALT Tag
There are many bloggers who doesn't know that they can boost their blogger blog traffic by optimizing the blog images, If you are among of those then you should learn how to drive traffic from blog images by adding the ALT tag to your blogger images, This is very common SEO trick and most of the blogger doesn't taking the advantages from this very useful SEO trick to get better rank for blog and images, It is very simple and useful trick. Don't you ever want to rank up your blogger blog in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yendex, and so on, So in this tutorial you will learn how to Optimize image SEO by adding the ALT tag, And we also wrote the article about The best Top 7 Extremely Advanced SEO Tips For Blogger's.
What is ALT Tag ?
Well, The ALT tag is a text description for image to let the user know what an image’s content and purpose are, In easy words, we can say at display text for visitors who can’t see images in their browsers, especially users who have a slow internet connection, It is very useful to drive traffic from search images, You should add ALT tag on every image on your blog / website.

Adding The Alt Tag to Images

To make your images SEO optimize by ALT tag you need to go to your blogger >> Blog >> Add New Post or Update exists one, Click on the image and you will be able to see a few options at bottom of your image from compose editor mode, then Select "Properties" and enter the ALT and Title in the text box. make at short and try to define the image. After you are done, click on ok.
Images SEO for bloggers
So, This is how you can easily add the ALT tags to blogger images, and you can also add ALT tag manually by adding the ALT tag in your image tag in your post HTML tag.
<img src="You-Image-link" Alt="Enter Your Alt Tag HERE" />
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