How to Upload and Install Joomla Extensions (Plugins)

installing the plugins on joomla

In the previous tutorial of Joomla we have shown you how you can upload and install template on Joomla website, In this tutorial you will learn how to install extension in Joomla site, such as plugin, Well, it's very easy to install in just few minutes you will understand how to install extension or you can say the plugins, We will also discuss about what is extension and types of extension.

What is Extensions ?

Well, Extensions is an extra functionality of Joomla that you can add to your Joomla website from the Joomla extension store, Just like WordPress plugins,

The Types of Joomla Extensions

There are five different types of extensions that you can install it to your Joomla to extend the functionality of your website:

  1. Components
  2. Modules
  3. Plugins
  4. Template
  5. Languages
And many extensions are not free, you need to pay to download and install into your Joomla website.

The first thing that you need to do is choose the extension that you want to install, From your Joomla extension tab, Or you already have one, Then login to your Joomla administrator area and click on install extension tab under the extension section and click on "Install From The Web " and search the extension that you want to install.

joomla extension tutorial

Once you have found the plugin, then click that, And then click on install button and it will redirect you to installation page, Then again click on install.

install joomla plugin

Once you have installed the plugin on your Joomla website, Go to your control panel then you modules, And the active the plugin that just installed, and then click on the plugin to set the settings

setup joomla plugin
setup joomla plugin
setup joomla plugin

In the plugin setting, You need to set the position where you want to place the plugin, So select the position of your template, and now click on "Menu Assignment" and select on the all pages from the dropdown options next to "Module Assignment" and save it.

add plugins to joomla

Now your extension successfully added to your Joomla website, And if you are getting error in plugin installation, then you can download the plugin and upload direct it to your Joomla website.

Method #2 Upload the plugin directly to Joomla

This another way to install the plugin (extensions) so to do that you need to download the extension from this website or you can also download from any other website there are many websites who offers Joomla extension, So once you have downloaded the plugin to go your Joomla admin area and click on "Install Extensions " and click on "Upload Package File" and select the plugin zip file that you downloaded and upload it and install it.

install plugin to joomla

So this how you can install the Joomla plugins and extension, If you liked this tutorial then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook

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