How to Unlock or Remove Locked Widget in Blogger

There are so many bloggers who use customized template or template which made by a third-party developers, and when they try to remove some of their widgets they did not able to do that because some of the main widget are locked. If you want to remove or unlocked your blogger widgets then you are in the right place, in this lesson we will show you how to unlock or remove locked widget in blogger.

How to Unlock or Remove Locked Widget in Blogger

First of all you need to know your widget's name which you want to remove or unlock login to your blogger account then go to layout then click on edit which widget you want to unlock.

Now window will open then in the right end corrner of the address bar you will see widgetId=Header1 "when you click edit on some widget it will show its own id"  remmeber that id .

And now go to template >> Edit HTML >> Click on jump to widgets select ID which you want to unlock or remove.

Then it will show your widgets codes in the HTML editor in there you will also see locked attribute which will equal to true like below.

Just replace locked ="true" to locked = "false" like below.

Now then just save your template .

And if you want to remove your widgets then simply go to blogger layout and then click on edit widget which you want to remove them in the window you will see remove option there just click on that and then your widget will remove.

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